The garden to our house has a large unused wasteland at the back. My goal this year is to clear it all ready for growing in the Spring next year. This sounds very simple, but I have a 10m deep area of brambles, 5 overgrown Laurel bushes, various structures from previous owners allotmenteering efforts, a rotting shed and piles and piles of old rotting dismantled furniture covered in tarpaulin. I have been picking away at it since we moved in 2 years ago. My efforts so far… (believe me this is a MASSIVE improvement)…

I owned a council allotment for 2 years and grew in window boxes for a few years before that. However this is a completely different venture as I will fundamentally need to concentrate on improving the soil condition before growing. I have two compost bins  which are producing some lovely compost for me, and decking boards were found amongst the weeds. These will be reused into raised beds.

Food wise, until next year, I have a donated rhubarb plant from my parents, which is doing very well, and we have plenty of blackberries. I look forward to working out how to be rid of these brambles!


Feature photo by Lukas Langrock on Unsplash


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